Design and Construction of SCC Arena

Design and Construction of SCC Arena

“Imagine a gigantic starship, flabbergasting by the perfection of form and beauty that landed in a Botanic Garden without breaking a single plant, without crushing a single flower. It is majestically buried in verdure and thousands of beautiful and happy people walk, play sports and study science in the shade of it. They are about to board the ship to travel to the resorts of the moon or visit the parks of Pluto. And who knows whether on Earth or somewhere else within another Galaxy this wonderful garden is laid out. But its inhabitants do not live in delirium – they have a cultural memory and they carefully preserve it, making it real by means of the most advanced artifacts. It is symbolized by the dome crowning the ship, reminding the Golden age of Russian science and design, realized in the art of Carl Fabergé.”

This is the concept that the architects of the GORKA Group of companies is inspired by creating the design of new modern sports and concert complex that eventually might be the largest ice arena in Europe

SCC Arena replaces the former building of SCC Peterburgskiy by reconstruction provided under the preparation for the upcoming World Ice Hockey Championship. The complex is designed to hold the competitions in ice hockey, sledge hockey, figure skating; organizing the training process and comprehensive training of athletes, including those with limited mobility. As well as to hold mass exhibitions, entertainment, cultural and recreational events.

The building includes the following areas and rooms:

1 Main sports areas:

  • The main ice arena with a multifunctional sportsground (with possible transformation to the size of 56×26, 60×28, 61x30m) with a grandstand for 21,500 seats
  • Changing rooms with showers and bathrooms, auxiliary rooms within the Arena;
  • The training ice arena with a multifunctional sportsground (with the possible transformation to the size of 61×30, 60x28m) with changing rooms and auxiliary rooms; a grandstand with 300 seats.

2 Fitness center including:

  • universal hall 36x18m;
  • hall with a pool basin of 25x12m;
  • rooms for group classes;
  • a block of baths of various types with tubs;
  • massage rooms, changing rooms, service and auxiliary rooms;
  • medical center and recreation rooms for athletes.

The coat checks, public cafes and children’s rooms are on the second level. Two clubs with a view of the main arena are on the third level. VVIP and VIP boxes with auxiliary rooms, administrative rooms, as well as a restaurant hall with BOH are on the fourth and fifth levels. Foyer with coatcheck, sanitary facilities and cafes with BOH are on the sixth level. Press rooms, commentary boxes, security rooms and technical rooms are on the seventh level. Technical rooms for water treatment, individual heating plant, ventilation plant, coolers are on underground parking level.

The building is designed for all year-round operation.

“The new arena complex will combine three important areas, three ideas that reflect the innermost aspirations of all mankind. They are: ECOLOGY as a desire to preserve a green planet and the fear of the Earth to be changed into a poisonous desert. SPACE as admiration for Yuri Gagarin’s historic deed and the entire Russian space brotherhood that brought forth the heroics of world space exploration; a desire of peaceful application of high technologies and exploration of the Universe. AESTHETICS – not as nostalgia for the past but the desire to keep all the most beautiful things that were without losing something important in bump and grind of everyday life”.

This is the concept structure created and to be implemented by GORKA Group of companies for the residents and guests of St. Petersburg, these are the trends and ideas that will be communicated to contemporaries and next generations.

Besides the building works, the Park around the SCC Arena is being reconstructed to create a universal park area that is going to be the logical and functional integral part of the Arena with opportunity to provide the citizens with outdoor mass cultural activities, sports, family recreation and place for family  walks. Planned capacity: at least 1,000 people daily, up to 10,000 people during festivals.