For 20 ambulance vehicles in Severny community

For 20 ambulance vehicles in Severny community

Among the projects implemented by GORKA Group, there are several emergency ambulance service facility mainly Moscow and regional facilities. One of them is the project located at Severny community, district 4 АБ the North-East district, Moscow.

Our specialists designed emergency ambulance service facility for 20 ambulance vehicles and then performed the function of a technical customer for construction.

Development footprint 1,712. 72 m2

Underground level of the building: rooms for drivers, technical rooms, administrative and maintenance rooms, coatcheck and changing rooms for medical personnel, medical facilities, storerooms, as well as technical floor for utilities and engineering structures.

Level 1: parking for 20 parking lots, fleet maintenance, repair shop, washing facilities, warehouse, storerooms, administrative and household premises, outpatient clinic (dressing room, treatment room, temporary patient stay room).

Level 2: administrative offices, medical facilities, lounge rooms for medical personnel, a meeting room for 50 seats, lunch room, central sterile services department block.

Roof Level. Technical floor.