GORKA Group of companies is the general planner of a brand new iconic object for Russia – the Museum and Theatre Complex in Kemerovo, which is certainly intended to prove extremely attractive not only to local residents, but also to a large number of artists, poets, writers, musicians and other creative personalities from Russia and elsewhere in the world.

The concept was developed by world-renowned professionals from the famous Austrian architectural bureau COOPHIMMELB(L)AU, which determined the style of the future building – deconstructivism. The architects of GORKA group of companies, in collaboration with their foreign colleagues, adapt the project to domestic conditions and regulations.

It is quite a symbolic of the history of this complex in Kemerovo, in the heart of the Siberian region, that deconstructivism as a trend of modern architecture has largely grown out of Russian constructivism, borrowing its plastic concepts from it. Its ideologists and founders were none other but Russian (Soviet) architects, many of whom have received worldwide acclaim (Moisei Ginzburg, the Vesnin brothers, Konstantin Melnikov, Ilya Golosov, and others).

Without a doubt, the new museum, Museum and Theatre Complex in Kemerovo will add to the list of famous objects modern architecture, such as the Dancing House in Prague (1992), Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao (1997), Heydar Aliyev Centre in Baku (2007-2012), Jockey Club Innovation Tower in Hong Kong (2007-2014), the Marques de Riscal Hotel (2006), the wing of the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto (2007), and the like.

It is worth mentioning that public interest in deconstructivism has grown considerably over the last few decades. Experience has shown that unusual deconstructivist forms of buildings can significantly increase the tourist appeal of cities and their cultural and social status. They are often used as an urban planning dominant – it is obvious that this complex will bring new bright and modern colours to the established palette of the urban environment. This important factor, among others, dictated the style of the new iconic landmark in Kemerovo.


The preliminary total area of the building is 81,119 m2.

The Museum and Theatre Complex includes :

– Opera and Ballet Theatre – branch of the Mariinsky Theatre;

– The Museum Complex – branch of the State Russian Museum;

– Kuzbass Arts Centre