Current vacancies of the company

Interview with Anastasia Sergeyevna Novikova, HR Director of GORKA Group of companies

This section of our website is called ‘Careers’. It is true that we strive to maintain a strong reputation as a company where people want to get a job and subsequently achieve certain results. We employ experienced professionals, have established mentoring a wide range of opportunities for professional development.

Of course, we are also strict about complying with current legislation – both in terms of pay and occupational safety; the company has VMI.

However, the most valuable thing for us is to develop a culture of like-minded people, a respectful attitude towards colleagues, and the adoption of modern approaches to human resources management. Our team is bound by common traditions and a confident outlook for the future.

If you want to work for us, you can send your CV – there are many interesting and ambitious projects in the GORKA Group of companies and we are always open to new and productive cooperation.